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Build interactive ads in 5 minutes

Lightweight, cost-effective programmatic ads to maximise ad performance

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Live campaigns

Live creatives

Get much higher engagement than with HTML5s and with a fraction of the cost.

Create digital animated and video ads within minutes which load fast compared to traditional HTML5-built ads and offer much higher user engagement. No creative agency is needed.


Complete peace of mind, thanks to NEXD’s robust, scalable architecture


Nexd interactive solutions help to save at least 25-50% on CO2 emissions

Ease of use

Save time and resources, with intuitive tools and code-free ad layouts

Speed & Weight

Rich media ads that load 2x faster than HTML5-based ads

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kilograms of CO2 has been saved using Nexd solutions

What makes Nexd green?

  • Our proprietary AI algorithm to optimize assets
  • 5-10x lighter ads
  • Faster load times, higher viewability and saved revenue

The technical aspects

  • We use WebGL and GPU as a processing source
  • Our ads don’t have to fight for resources with other digital elements

Sustainable ad serving

  • Our ad serving is using 100% renewable energy
  • Nexd ad serving has been certified by the Green Web Foundation
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NEXD 5 Stars

Nexd Rocks

You can easily create a “whoa effect” banner with simple assets…

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David A.

Media Trader @ Skaze

NEXD 5 Stars

Nexd Review

It’s simple, it’s complex in a great way. You can do a lot of creative things using there templates and once you master how to do that you can become creative in other ways.

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Prashant P.

Designer @ Hybrid Theory

NEXD 5 Stars

An efficient team with world-class service!

The team is extremely easy to communicate with & They provide quick and efficient work with excellent service.

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Fayadh M.

Senior Graphic Designer @ FTM

Find out how NEXD technology provides the superior opportunity to take your ads to the next level

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Ready to revolutionise your rich media?

Let’s discuss how to get up to 5x+ higher engagement, 3x+ higher CTR and Conversion Rates.