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The benefits of the Nexd platform, plus our in-house expertise with great ads, making the world’s quickest, slickest interactive campaigns.

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Our services:

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Custom Ads

All custom ads are tailor-made with love by our in-house team. Custom ads are different from layouts because they are made according to your vision and brief with any additions you’d dream of adding. Always fast-loading and compatible with every publisher and platform type. Our custom ads guarantee a high ROI in every campaign. As a bonus, low CO2 rates help your company reduce its carbon footprint.

We offer:

  • Fully customizable animations and functionalities
  • Gamified Ads
  • Shoppable Ads
  • Interactive DCO ads with live data
  • Questionnaire and lead form ads
  • Multi-functional interactive ads
  • Coupon ads
  • 3D objects
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Web and landing pages

Positive user experience is not accidental. We create user-centered and business websites that grow businesses. Our long-term experience and strong project management process ensure high-level delivery in every project.

We offer:

  • UX/UI design
  • Web-development
  • Production of digital solutions
  • 2D and 3D video animations
  • Effective mass production of rich media, video banners and other formats
  • CO2 reduction in the marketing stream

How we work

1. Analysis and preparation

We get to know the project conditions, business goals and visual identity of the brand, which affect the course and outcome of the project. We form a specific project team and together with the client establish the time frame in which we will start operating.

2. UX/UI and web design

Based on the content plan agreed with the client, we create a wireframe that defines the web structure, on top of which we create a working design prototype, most commonly built in Figma. This environment allows the client to see and use the created web realistically and thus give it more meaningful feedback.

3. Development

The project moves into development after final approval of the UX/UI design with the client. During development, a website with agreed administrative capabilities is created, which works in all the most common browser versions and is easily readable by search engines.

4. Entering content

If the website has more content than just individual descriptive texts, everything necessary will be added according to the agreement with the completion of the page development stage, either by us or by the customer through the admin interface.

5. Testing

The development team performs both technical and manual testing before submitting the website to the client. The client can then review the website on our server and provide feedback, which the development team will implement in the final stage.

6. Live

We help set up the website on the right domain and make sure that all the settings on the server side are in order. After the successful launch of the project, we will agree with the client whether the management and maintenance of the website will remain our service or the client will do it himself in the future.


Video and Animations

Elevate your brand with our 360 video production services. We excel in crafting captivating animations, explainer videos, social media content, and more. Our team offers expert video editing, studio services, color grading, and voiceovers to ensure your message shines. Choose us to elevate your brand’s storytelling through visually stunning and engaging content.

We offer:

  • Video ideas and storyboards
  • Vlog videos for brands
  • 2D & 3D animations
  • Video editing and formatting
  • Explainer videos
  • Studio services
  • Logo animations
  • Color grading
  • Advertising videos
  • Voiceovers and sound works
  • Stories and reels for social media