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All the benefits of the Nexd platform, plus our in-house expertise to help you make amazing ads. For years the Nexd team has created award-winning ads and the quickest and best-performing interactive campaigns.

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Bespoke ads, with the potential for rich custom interactions, videos, parallax effect, and more.

Starting from


per creative


A made-to-measure build, offering complex functionality, like taking photos, filling forms, polls, social sharing, and even gaming!

Starting from

10 000€

per creative


Need a fully customized campaign solution, maybe for a specific display, using AR or other cutting-edge features? We have the expertise. Let’s talk!

Starting from

50 000€

per creative

Want a team with a track record?

The Nexd creative team is trusted by leading brands to create interactive campaigns that are meaningful, impactful, and smooth.

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