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kilograms of CO2 has been saved using Nexd solutions

How the digital advertising industry is polluting the world?

The polluting part of ad serving is the energy consumption of the data centres and servers that store and deliver the ads.
Compressing ad creatives’ size can reduce the amount of data that needs to be transmitted and stored, leading to lower CO2 emissions from the servers and network infrastructure involved in delivering the ads. This will result in a reduction in the CO2 footprint.

Advertising industry’s CO₂ emissions higher than aviation’s

The advertising industry emits nearly double, close to 4% of all emissions, of that of the aviation industry. As this is something the end-user can’t control in a world that heavily relies on digital devices, reducing CO₂ in this field has to be the responsibility of the industry.

Traditional display ads are heavy

HTML5s have been the industry standard for rich media ads. However, there are many issues with them, especially the creative weight, which is high and often gets blocked by browsers, meaning spending an advertising budget with no return. It’s time to upgrade your advertising to make lighter displays and video creatives utilizing better technology.

What is the solution we offer

Our Campaign Manager platform allows you to build programmatic display and video ads that are lightweight, have seamless transitions, reduce data and bandwidth usage and reduce CO₂ emissions of advertising.

Steering the industry to a greener path

Nexd ad solutions are optimized for low energy usage and bandwidth. Savings from display and video creatives alike.

Higher performance and attention time gives more return per impression.

Our ad server is certified to run on green energy and net zero carbon emissions

The Only Really Sustainable Adtech

  • CO₂ emissions data powered by Scope3
  • Certified by the Green Web Foundation
  • Carbon-Neutral Advertising Delivery
  • Reduction in Ad Load Times, Decreasing Energy Consumption
  • Interactive Ad Formats Designed for a Greener Future
  • Read about our sustainability journey

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Advertising Solutions

We optimize the ads automatically when you upload an asset to Nexd. Our ads are 5-10x lighter compared to ads built in HTML. This process will result in faster load times, higher viewability and more return on the media budget.

Proven Results Backed by
Customer Testimonials

Many of our clients have stayed with us for years, as our platform ensures them the highest engagement campaigns, time saved and best ROI in the market.

Global Reach with Local

We have clients from every continent and our dedicated and highly valued Customer Success team will personally make sure your campaigns launch successfully in your chosen market.

Our Technology is Powered
by WebGL and GPU Processing

Utilizing WebGL and GPU for processing allows our technology to deliver high-performance, visually stunning ads efficiently, reducing energy consumption and enhancing user experience.

Join the sustainable movement!

We enable you to run advertising that  is high performance & low emissions – not paying for low performing ads that need lots of energy from data centers.

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Ad examples

Voodoo / Yoma

Map with horizontal drag


252,18 kg CO2 saved
3,750,738 Impressions

Equivalent of the carbon footprint of annual electricity use of 5 USA homes

Levi’s / 501s

Carousel splitscreen


5,050 kg CO2 saved
13,852,586 Impressions

Equivalent to the carbon footprint of using 2150 litres of petrol in a car


194,64 kg CO2 saved
954,330 Impressions

Equivalent to the carbon footprint of driving 49,780 miles with a petrol car


3,140 kg CO2 saved
2,130,440 Impressions

Equivalent to the carbon footprint of running the dryer for 1744 cycles