A new era of advertising

Nexd offers a creative management tool so marketers can build
engaging digital ad campaigns that are effective and efficient.

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The Nexd Story

Nexd ads are smart solutions for the digital age. Our commitment has always been to build the best possible products. This is our journey.

2015 April 1st

Nexd is Born

Founded in Tallinn, Estonia, Nexd starts life as a mobile-first digital creative agency, mainly building HTML5-based ads for customers in the Baltic region.

2015 April 24th

First Creative

Nexd unveils its first WebGL-based rich media ad,
a custom-built creative, which was featured in a campaign for an Estonian bank. This limited campaign resulted in 8% CTR,
and over 1 million impressions.

2016 February 1st

Initial Funding

A Seed Round is closed from 3TS Investment and North Base Media. Vienna office is opened.

2016 August 1st

Expanding Reach

Berlin office is opened, run by Janek Nieberg.

2016 October 1st

Nexd Campaign Manager Launched

For the first time, customers are able to build their own interactive rich media creatives, without having to write a line of code, thanks to Nexd Campaign Manager (previously known as Adcanvas).

2016 November

First Award at IAB Vienna

Nexd won Best Mobile Campaign of the Year in 2016, for a virtual reality showroom advertising the Mini Cooper.

2017 March 1st

New CEO Alex Rahaman joins

Formerly CEO and founder of StrikeAd, the first demand side platform (DSP) dedicated to mobile, which he grew to 70 staff on 3 continents.

2017 June 1st

Nexd Reaches New Markets

Paris office is opened.

2017 October 1st

Getting Traction Around the World

Offices in the US and Singapore are opened.

2018 February 1st

Changes in the Market

Office in the US is closed,
while office in Tokyo is opened.

2018 August 1st

Focus on Tech

Nexd shifts its business to focus on scaling the new self-service Campaign Manager platform.

2019 April 1st

Position Strengthened

A strategic investment round is finalized, led by venture capitalists Neo Ventures. Alex Rahaman promoted to Chairman, with Erik Tammenurm moving from CTO to CEO.

2020 Summer

Stronger than before

Nexd weathered the first months of the pandemic and came out of it stronger than before with a clear value proposition to clients working from remote offices.

2021 July

Release of Media Buy solution

As a substantial step towards closing the ad creation, serving, and displaying cycle Nexd released its Media Buy solution enabling clients to purchase media without leaving our Saas platform.

2021 December

2x growth in all fronts

2021 was a good year. Nexd customer base, volumes, and revenues grew at least 2x. 

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Locally global

We’re just getting started, and soon we’ll be in a city near you.

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Our leadership

NEXD’s leadership draws on expertise and experience across product, engineering, design and sales.

Ott Heidmets, COO NEXD
Responsible for day-to day operations of Tallinn office, main responsibility being client services and sales support. Before that Ott helped Navirec SaaS business grow from a small local company to a global player and executing a successful exit for the founders. After that he built a new generation real- estate portal that was bought up only months into it’s first market introduction by main market stakeholders.

Ott Heidmets


[email protected]
Responsible for all Client Success and Relationships in NEXD. Öösike has transformed the connection and communication in NEXD with its clients which has resulted in highest satisfaction rate. Öösike has history in Advertising Agency business where she led project management and client relationships.

Öösike Niit

Head of Customer Success

[email protected]