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Interactive ads in 5 minutes, without entering a line of code

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Why choose Nexd?


Nexd is proof that building interactive digital ads doesn’t have to be complex. In as few as 5 minutes you can reach your audience wherever they are, across all devices. Plus, you can publish your campaigns on all major ad platforms.


Interactive ads that load twice as fast as old-fashioned HTML5 campaigns


Nexd integrates with all major ad platforms, giving you a seamless experience


Breathe new life into your creatives, with 50+ desktop and mobile layouts and various extra features!


Make great campaigns in 5 minutes, using easy layouts and no coding

We keep it simple so you can be efficient



Create interactive campaigns in minutes, no coding required

Simply select a layout, then drag-and-drop your video and image assets. Add a CTA if needed, and you’re done.

Want to show off your work? Every ad creative has a preview link you can share.



Complete control of campaign production and tracking

Hate cluttered dashboards and needlessly complex management processes? We don’t give you any of that. Collaborate, analyze, review, and optimize, all in one place.



Reach your audience wherever they are, on any device

Painlessly traffic your rich media ads via DSP, SSP, ad network, trading desk, or your own ad server, thanks to portable, hassle-free, tag-based publishing.

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See how Nexd Campaign Manager can transform your advertising. Amaze new audiences today!

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Dive into the metrics

Get a deeper understanding of how your audience is interacting with your campaigns using real-time analytics from the intuitive, convenient dashboard.

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Get the full picture

Understand which parts of your ad are the most effective, using per-asset interaction data.


Complete confidence

Campaign Manager is built on rigorously monitored analytics infrastructure. Get peace of mind and data you can trust.


Cut out the noise

Get the information you need, when you need it. Keep a strong focus on what you need to know to run a successful campaign.

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