Extra Features

When your creative needs a little extra oomph to take it from good to amazing, we’ve created some easy-to-use extra features. It only takes a few mouse clicks (and no extra assets!) to take your advertising to the next level.

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NEXD Blob - Particle effects

Particle effects

NEXD Campaign Manager’s animated particle effects are a fast, effective way of adding that little bit of pizzazz to a creative, with just the click of a button.

You can either choose a suitable effect from the templates provided or upload your own image to spruce up your creatives.

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NEXD Blob - Widgets
NEXD Blob - Widgets


When your creative is tied to an upcoming event, consider adding a Countdown widget to build anticipation and excite viewers to take action.

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Countdown widget

The widget will show seconds and minutes ticking away until your specified time. We believe the widget is especially helpful when designing creatives for: movie or TV series releases, time-limited offers (eg Black Friday), product or website launches.

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We proudly support a wide variety of special call-to-action (CTA) functions that you can easily add to your creative.

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Directs the user to your specified URL.


Tapping on the creative calls the phone number defined in the platform.


Sends your pre-defined text message to the number you specify.


Opens up user's default calendar app to add a new event that you describe. We automatically detect what kind of calendar application user is using, and create the invite in the correct format. Read also about the calendar events that you can collect afterwards in analytics.


Tapping on the creative opens up the user's maps application and displays the location(s) you specified.

NEXD Blob - Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Map ad is a great way to:

  • – Drive people to your store(s)
  • – Help people find the nearest coffee shop in a large set of cafes
  • – Show the location of your event
  • – Remind your audience that you are reopening cafes or clubs

There are 3 different layouts based on map layout:

See our samples here!

In short, you can choose locations (import a spreadsheet with location info) and the ad viewers can see and select them on the map.

Read more about map layouts

Accepted file types


NEXD Blob - Import from Social

Import from Social

Extend your existing Facebook post to display/programmatic advertising without the need to build new creative.

The creative will automatically update the ad’s number of likes, comments, and hashtags. To import Facebook posts, you need access to the Facebook business page.

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With hotspot feature, you can pin hotspots to your ads, and when clicked, they display popup media.

This feature serves multiple functions:

  • – allowing users to provide additional information about a specific product or website
  • – create shoppable ads
  • – present terms and conditions
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