Case Study: Award-winning Carlsberg campaign

We love getting to celebrate our customers’ successes! Today we’re here to talk about Carlsberg beer.

At the 2019 Rambuk awards hosted by Dansk Markedsføring (Danish Marketing Association), our agency partner IUM brought home THREE (!) awards for an innovative Carlsberg campaign promoting a new eco-friendly six-pack. The new packaging will save the environment more than 1200 tons of plastic each year. Nexd created the mobile display activation part of the campaign, which enjoyed very successful results for Carlsberg.

Carlsberg is the proud winner of the Grand Prix (the highest award given to the best 2019 media campaign). In addition, Carlsberg also took home awards for Best Branded Content and Media Effectiveness for the same campaign.

The goal of the case study:

Carlsberg had two goals with this campaign – brand awareness and increasing consumer engagement with their message. To achieve this, they created a full 360 campaign across all media platforms (tv, social, influencers, outdoor, events, and more). Through its media agency and Nexd, they work to design a creative mobile display activation. Nexd’s ability to create ads that load quickly and are visually appealing was critical to the success of the campaign and the reason IUM chose the partnership.

Most importantly, Carlsberg wanted this campaign to really anchor the message of the new sustainable packaging and to stand out from regular advertising. We created two custom-built layouts to meet this objective: a 3D parallax video cube and an interactive quiz ad. Carlsberg was looking to craft playful and creative ads to increase the impact of the environmental message and new packaging.

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The case study results:

The outcome of the activation formats was very strong: almost 33% of the mobile impressions led to user engagement (touch and/or swiping the ad), and the banner dwell time was considerably longer compared to normal banners. The objective was fully met, and both IUM and Carlsberg were very pleased with the result. Check out the ads, and take the quiz for yourself!

Check out the award-winning ad:

Click on the creative to see it in action

Feeling smart? Try out the custom quiz we built for the campaign!

Click on the creative to try the quiz

(For those not fluent in Danish, the quiz question reads: Carlsberg’s new 6-pack saves the Danish environment 20 tons of plastic waste annually. How many plastic bags is that?)