Assets to build a demo campaign and help you get started with Nexd

So you’ve found this great new ad solution, but the images you have right now aren’t the right size. Or your graphics team takes a few days to produce new images but you really just need something – anything – to just test drive the Nexd platform today. Grabbing random Google images can sometimes work, but what if they’re not big enough files and you end up with a blurry ad?

Let us help. Download a set of demo assets we’ve created that are perfectly sized and shaped to help you build a great ad! These images will work with most of our ad types, but they’re specifically intended for use with a Mobile Infeed 3D Cube (horizontal) so we suggest you build this ad to get the best experience.

As always, we are here to help! If the link isn’t working for you or if you have questions or get stuck, shoot us an email or just click the chat link in the bottom corner of the screen and we’ll help you troubleshoot (or just email you the zip file with assets!). We want you to succeed, because every time we see a cool ad one of our customers made we feel a little bit of pride that we could be a part of your awesome advertising.

Keep up the good work, and we look forward to watching the all cool ways you amaze your audience!