NEXD Advertiser Success Story: Telmore


Telmore, a well-known Danish telco operator, recently embarked on a new brand journey. Having a stronger presence on mobile platforms to drive online traffic and build the new brand is a vital part of their new marketing strategy.

“We know mobile is extremely important in terms of where consumers spend their media time today, and most customer journeys start on a mobile device. The first consumer encounter with our brand is most likely to happen from a mobile device. So, it’s pivotal this experience forms a positive impression of our brand”, says Jesper Haugaard, Digital Manager at Telmore.

How NEXD helped Telmore

In order to maximize the mobile foot print in its mobile advertising, Telmore joined forces with NEXD 6 months ago to exploit the new ground-breaking advertising technology NEXD has developed.

”In the initial dialogue with NEXD, we quickly realized that we could do much better with our mobile advertising. There was so much creative potential we could explore, so we didn’t hesitate trying out NEXD’s Adcanvas advertising technology”.

The Results

Jesper Haugaard further elaborates: “On the first campaign, we did a split test and Adcanvas came out more than 5 times better on CTR. From there on it was a no-brainer, and we have since launched a number of other campaigns, all high performing on engagement and clicks. On average, we have documented a CTR uplift of more than 250% compared to the static and GIF display formats, we used before”.

Since the Adcanvas formats have even outshined Telmore’s DCO setup, NEXD is working with Telmore to replace their HTML5-based DCO setup with Adcanvas formats. This goes both for mobile and desktop, where Telmore have witnessed a radical uplift in click performance too.

“We are very happy with the collaboration with NEXD”, Jesper Haugard comments. “The only regret we have is that we didn’t start sooner”, he adds with a smile.