Nexd Delivers Outstanding Creative Results for Asian clients

In the ever-evolving world of programmatic advertising, skepticism often surrounds the performance and efficiency of various platforms.

However, we are here to put your doubts to rest and showcase the remarkable outcomes achieved through Nexd’s Campaign Manager. Our interactive rich media layouts, including carousel splitscreen and regular splitscreen, have enabled advertisers to reach new heights in campaign success. Here, we present the details of five exceptional creatives that demonstrate the outstanding performance made possible through Nexd’s Campaign Manager. These are the creatives that delivered a CTR between 3.46-7.08% in 2023. We will add the analytics of each creative as proof.

The creatives are private for the client, the example given below is a mock-up to display the carousel splitscreen layout. Analytics screenshots are real results from real creatives.

This is an example carousel splitscreen creative

Creative Results 1: Captivating Malaysia

In a campaign targeting the Malaysian market, Creative 1 delivered an astonishing 13,126,357 impressions. What’s truly remarkable is the average Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 5.9%, resulting in a staggering 774,024 clicks. This exceptional performance illustrates how Nexd’s Campaign Manager can help captivate audiences and drive unparalleled engagement. The layout used was the Carousel Splitscreen.

Due to our proprietary technology, this creative also saved 1.17 tons of CO2 emissions by using Nexd solutions!

Creative Results 2: Indonesia’s Triumph

For the same campaign, Creative 2 was tailored to the Indonesian market. It outperformed expectations with 16,183,727 impressions and an impressive CTR of 5.44%, generating 880,410 clicks. This achievement highlights Nexd’s ability to excel in diverse markets and demographics. The layout used was the Carousel Splitscreen.

Creative Results 3: Levi’s Shines in India

Creative 3 was crafted to promote Levi’s store in the Indian market, directing users to various e-commerce platforms. It garnered 13,852,586 impressions and maintained a commendable CTR of 5.41%, resulting in a total of 748,974 clicks. Nexd’s Campaign Manager showcases its versatility in promoting different brands and products. The layout used was the Carousel Splitscreen.

This creative saved an impressive 5.05 tons of COemissions.

Creative Results 4: The Levi’s Success Story Continues

Returning to the Indian market, Creative 4 took Levi’s brand promotion to new heights. With an astonishing 24,575,034 impressions, it boasted an engagement rate of 66.94%, a CTR of 3.51%, and a remarkable 861,630 clicks. This achievement underscores Nexd’s capability to drive user interaction and brand engagement. It also had a very high viewability rate of 81.57%. The layout used was the Carousel Splitscreen.

This creative also saved 12.05 tons of COemissions. That’s enough to circle the Earth 2.5x in a car!

Creative Results 5: Toyota’s Drive in Hong Kong

Switching gears, Creative 5 focused on promoting the Toyota brand in the Hong Kong market. It delivered 6,554,504 impressions with an impressive viewability rate of 97.31%. The CTR of 7.08% resulted in a remarkable 464,259 clicks. This demonstrates that Nexd’s Campaign Manager can tailor campaigns to specific market needs, ensuring outstanding performance. The layout used was the Splitscreen.

In conclusion, these five creatives exemplify the efficiency and performance that Nexd’s Campaign Manager can achieve in programmatic advertising. Whether you’re targeting different markets, promoting diverse products, or seeking to maximize user engagement, Nexd’s interactive rich media layouts have proven to be a powerful tool. Embrace the future of advertising with Nexd and witness your campaigns reach new heights of success.

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