Nexd Layout-Based Ads: A Sustainable and High-Quality Transformation for Affle


Affle, a leading mobile marketing platform in India, faced a common challenge in the world of digital advertising: balancing performance with sustainability. As digital advertising continues to evolve, there’s a growing demand for ads that engage the audience and minimize their environmental impact. Nexd offered Affle the option to explore a solution that could reduce the weight of their ads with the potential benefit of improving their creative performance.


The task was to recreate one of Affle’s existing HTML5-based ads using the Nexd layout-based ad platform. The objective was clear: to compare the sustainability benefits of the Nexd layout-based ad against their original HTML5 ad.


With a clear goal in mind, Affle tested the ability to transform one of their existing HTML5 ads into a Nexd layout-based ad. The process involved the following steps:

  1. Creative Transformation: Firstly, they imported their original HTML5 ad to Nexd Campaign Manager which automatically optimizes the creative assets, and then used Nexd’s intuitive layout-based ad creation tools to recreate the ad’s structure and design within the Nexd platform.
  2. Optimization: Nexd’s platform automatically optimized the ad’s assets, resulting in a significant reduction in file size. This optimization was a key focus, as it directly correlated with the ad’s sustainability benefits.

The original HTML5 ad and Nexd layout based ad side-by-side:

HTML5 (weight 2MB) vs Nexd layout-based ad (weight 524kB)


The results of Affle’s collaboration with Nexd was immediately noticeable:

  1. Weight Reduction: Affle’s original HTML5 was 3MB; just by uploading it to Nexd optimization tool, the weight was reduced to 2MB. Then recreating the ad on Nexd layout, it ended up 6x lighter in weight compared to their original HTML5-based ad. This reduction in file size directly and positively impacted the ad’s sustainability, reducing the environmental footprint associated with its delivery.
  2. Performance Enhancement: Affle’s Nexd layout-based ad has the opportunity to deliver 3x better performance, based on similar tests from other advertisers. It loads faster, engages users more effectively, and provides an overall superior user experience.
  3. Sustainability Benefits: By transitioning from HTML5 to Nexd’s layout-based ad platform, Affle achieves potentially impressive performance gains and contributes to sustainability efforts. The reduced ad weight resulted in lower data transfer and energy consumption, allowing Affle to commit to environmental responsibility.

In summary, the collaboration between Affle and Nexd showcases the transformative power of Nexd’s layout-based ad platform. By recreating their ad on Nexd, Affle achieved a remarkable 4-6x reduction in ad weight, leading to substantial sustainability benefits.

Affle’s success story with Nexd serves as a compelling example of how weight reduction in digital ads can lead to significant sustainability gains, making it a win-win solution for brands and the environment alike.

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