Nexd Publisher Success Story: Otavamedia


Otavamedia, publishers of 25 magazines and more than 30 websites for the Finnish market, reaches nearly two million print-magazine readers per month in total, with a further 3.6 million monthly views on its websites – that’s almost 80% of the Finnish population.

With Otavamedia publications covering a diverse range of interests, and appealing to every kind of reader, clearly the advertising it carries on its websites has the opportunity to make a positive impression on those who view it, with great influence over the preferences of a huge number of people.

In 2016, Otavamedia began a partnership with Nexd. As a brand media company, Otavamedia believes that every advertisement should bring value to visitors. The goal is the best possible user experience, with ads that are as enjoyable as the content they accompany.

How Nexd Helped Otavamedia

Otavamedia is fully attuned to the changing nature of the media and advertising market, and so they recognised in Nexd a partner that could improve engagement for its advertising while also offering its clients and the readers of its websites an improved experience through lighter, faster loading and at the same time highly engaging ads.

Otavamedia say on their own website that their publications’ loyal readership means that advertisers have the chance to make a significant impact. That’s where Nexd came in.

One significant challenge for online publishers is that they must produce websites – and advertising – that provide a positive user experience on multiple, very different, devices and browsers.

With competition for audiences’ attention intensifying, Nexd ads have been credited with bringing a greater creative freedom to the building of ads without huge production cost and delivery issues. Before partnering with Nexd, most ads on Otavamedia publications were static ads, where the images were supplied by the advertiser, and then displayed on the publication in question.

Now, using the same static and also video assets, Otavamedia are able to enhance ads using layouts in Nexd Campaign Manager, with the result being something beautiful that can surprise and delight viewers with virtually no additional work or cost associated.


Otavamedia has found that Nexd ads bring an average CTR of around 1%, which is three times the average results they found before the partnership began. This is achieved by simply putting existing assets through Nexd platform.

In the time Otavamedia and Nexd have worked together, there have been many positive changes. 3D Cube and 3D Prism, one of the most popular and best performing layouts available through Nexd Campaign Manager, have given Otavamedia’s interactive ads new life, providing more engaging ad content on their page, and help drive more high quality traffic to advertisers landing pages. Also, since the ads are extremely light weight they don’t compromise on the overall page user experience. 

Thanks to that Otavamedia can serve their customers better than earlier by offering a wider range of creative services at reduced turnaround time to small and midsize advertisers and their display or native campaigns.