Nexd Sustainability Measurement Now Powered by Scope3 Data

Nexd is happy to announce that the emissions savings calculations in the Campaign Management platform are now powered by Scope3 data.

This is to provide CO₂ info for digital advertising campaigns in real-time. The collaborative effort is aimed at promoting sustainability in the digital advertising sector and marks a significant step and a helping hand towards reducing emissions in the delivery of programmatic ads. Aligning with the emerging global emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Scope3 is known for its innovative approach in measuring and helping to reduce carbon emissions. They help all parties in advertising accurately map and measure the end-to-end emissions of an ad. Read more about their mission from their website.

With the integration of Scope3 data, the Nexd Campaign Manager’s innovative dashboard has gotten an upgrade and now shows real-time CO₂ emission metrics for digital campaigns. This allows advertisers using the platform to not only build and export their programmatic creatives but also to see the carbon impact of their campaigns. This feature is designed to help the industry reduce its carbon emissions over time by providing clear, actionable insights.

The savings are possible due to Nexd’s proprietary technology that dramatically reduces creative weight without sacrificing the quality. By minimizing the data required to deliver high-quality ads, we inherently decrease the energy and emissions tied to ad delivery. This method exemplifies how technology can play a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges within our industry. Read a case study here.

The access to Scope3’s emissions data through our platform is available for all advertisers using Nexd’s Campaign Managers for building and exporting their programmatic creatives. This helps users to know exactly how much CO₂ their campaigns are saving.

Importantly, access to Scope3’s emissions data through our platform comes at no additional cost to our partners.

We are looking forward to welcoming new advertisers to our platform to help reduce the carbon emissions of advertising for good!

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