Top 10 Rich Media Ad Examples From Global Brands

To help you navigate the world of interactive ads, in the following article we share some best rich media ad examples that are made with Nexd for big global brands.

Whether you are a marketer, advertiser or a business owner, we will have something for you to show rich media ads look like and how they function.

What are rich media ads?

Rich media ads are interactive and engaging ad formats that go beyond static images or text. They often include videos, animations, or interactive elements that encourage users to interact with the ad. If you want to learn about various ad types and what are the best practices, we encourage you to read another post on this from our blog.

Below we will showcase ads made for global brands, using Nexd’s Campaign Manager.

Top 10 best rich media examples

1. Disney

This a 3D cube for Disney+ Hotjar The First Responders tv-series. This creative calls users to engage with the cube to view the video in the ad and also see the overlays that spin giving a parallax effect. Click on the example to see it in the preview mode.

2. M&M’s

This is a mock-up ad made by our designer, providing a potentially engaging way for M&M’s to introduce their new Cookie Crunch flavour. The ad uses our Splitscreen layout, using a video on the top half and product image with overlays in the bottom.

3. National Geographic

This custom gamified ad was made for National Geographic with a CTA to watch a show from Disney+. The ad is a game asking people to engage with it by using a magnifying glass to find the animals featured in the show.

4. BBC Good Food

An ad for BBC’s Good Food app. The ad is built on a carousel splitscreen layout. It includes a video, a carousel with recipes and additional use of hotspots to highlight other features of the app.

5. Urban Outfitters

Even a simple still ad can be engaging. Adding hotspots to an image ad is an easy way to make a shoppable ad. The CTA for each item on the creative is “Add to Bag” which makes the shopping experience even more seamless.

6. Philips

An interstitial 3D cube ad with a parallax effect for Philip’s Black Friday campaign. Allowing the viewer to engage with the items that will be on offer during the campaign.

7. Netflix

This ad is an interstitial with a floating object overlayed. It moves with a gyro effect, meaning when the person viewing simply moves their phone, the Stranger Things logo moves with it. A simple addition to make an ad engaging.

8. Mango

This Mango ad uses many elements, combining a carousel splitscreen with a map layout. The ad enables the viewer to look at clothes inspiration, an illustrative video above and also click on “Find the nearest store” to find where to shop in person.

9. Hermès

This Hermès ad is a small polite ad but should a viewer want to know more, all they have to do is click on “See More”, which opens an expandable ad with a carousel, showing featured outfits from the campaign.

10. Lego

A simple interstitial ad from Lego with a scratch effect. The viewer has to scratch the ad moving the red Lego block which reveals the contents of that Advent Calendar product.

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