Top 4 AdTech Tools for Marketers

In digital advertising, AdTech is crucial for marketers. Various additional tools are necessary to successfully use programmatic buying platforms (DSPs).

There are many software options with various purposes. Choosing the right AdTech platform for your advertising needs can be tricky and full of jargon. This guide explores some top AdTech platforms. We’ll highlight each platform’s pros, cons, and unique selling points.

Tools that belong under AdTech are: creative management platforms (CMPs), demand-side platforms (DSPs), SSPs (supply-side platforms) and DMPs (data management platforms).

This guide will compare the following platforms out of which each belongs to the toll category above:

  1. Nexd
  2. Adform
  3. OpenX
  4. The Trade Desk

Of course, each category has many players but for simplicity’s sake, we chose the ones we are most familiar with. Refer to the guides linked in the above paragraph for more info on each type of AdTech tool.

1. Nexd – a CMP

Nexd is a sustainable creative management platform (CMP) for building interactive programmatic creatives. It stands out with its proprietary advertising technology that utilises WebGL and GPU. Their ads are smaller in file size than traditional HTML5 ads. This leads to energy savings and promotes green display advertising.

It provides an end-to-end solution for creating and serving ads across well-known DSPs. Nexd is more than a creative management platform. It offers over 30 interactive ad layouts. These include gamified ads, 3D experiences, and virtual reality ads. They’re designed to capture and retain consumer attention.

2. Adform – a DSP

Adform is a well-known DSP, headquartered in Denmark. It is a widely used demand-side platform for smaller agencies as it does not have as high access thresholds are bigger DSPs such as Xandr or Google’s DV360.

It incorporates campaign planning, creative optimization, and real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities, facilitating a cohesive advertising experience. Adform champions a transparent and open digital advertising ecosystem, helping brands to engage consumers effectively.

3. OpenX – a SSP

OpenX is a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) that specializes in programmatic ad exchanges, helping publishers maximize their revenue by selling their digital advertising inventory. It allows publishers to implement header bidding, which helps them gain better visibility into the demand.

OpenX connects with numerous demand-side platforms (DSPs) and other ad buyers, offering a broad selection of publishers’ inventory.

4. The Trade Desk – a DMP

The Trade Desk is a DMP as well as a DSP. It provides a flexible platform for advertisers to purchase and manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns across various formats and devices. With an emphasis on data and customer insights, The Trade Desk offers a comprehensive suite of tools that allow marketers to fine-tune their audience targeting. It offers tools to collect, organize, and activate data from various sources.

What is an AdTech Platform Anyway?

Simply put, an AdTech platform is a type of software that streamlines the process of creating, managing, delivering, or optimising digital advertising campaigns.

These platforms range from demand-side platforms (DSPs) that help buyers purchase ad inventory to supply-side platforms (SSPs) that enable publishers to sell ad space, buy specific audience inventory or creative management platforms (CMPs) that help make creatives. The goal of AdTech platforms is to make the advertising process more efficient and effective through automation and data analytics.

Is the AdTech Industry Booming?

AdTech is a thriving one. With increasing digital marketing spend and limited web tracking, AdTech is crucial. Innovations in the industry for programmatic advertising and data-driven targeting have made advertising more sophisticated, personalised, and measurable.

AdTech vs. MarTech: What’s the Difference?

While AdTech focuses specifically on the tools and platforms for advertising, Marketing Technology (MarTech) encompasses the broader set of software and tools used for all aspects of marketing, including customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, content management, and analytics. However, the lines between MarTech and AdTech are increasingly blurring as platforms begin to offer capabilities that cater to both sides. To learn more about this, refer to the guide here.

Embracing AdTech for Future Success

AdTech is a growing industry and platforms like Nexd are at the top of this innovation, helping drive engagement and performance in an ever-competitive landscape. So, whether you’re a marketer looking to dive into programmatic buying, an advertiser seeking to leverage the latest in interactive ad content, or a brand striving to connect with audiences on a deeper level, understanding and utilising advanced AdTech platforms can be the key to your success.

For further insights into the world of advertising technology and how to optimize your campaigns using engagement metrics, visit our extensive guides on AdTech and using engagement metrics to combat poor visibility.

In a landscape marked by continual change, one thing remains certain: leveraging the right AdTech tool is essential for modern marketing success, and among the plethora of platforms, Nexd offers a distinct advantage that sets it apart as a leader in this innovative field.