3D Prism (vertical)

3D prism layout features a 3 sided 3D prism. Tracks vertical mouse movement on the page to rotate the prism within the banner area. When the mouse hovers over the ad, rotation stops. Dragging up and down within the banner area rotates the prism in the desired direction.

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Ad types tooltip

  • Infeed

Interactions: tooltip

  • Drag interaction

Extra Features: tooltip

  • Effects
  • Countdown Widget
  • Video enabled
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  • Easily turn multiple static images into an interactive ad;
  • Promote multiple offers or products in one ad;
  • Very responsive to touch – no input lag;
  • Can be used to simulate product packaging;
  • Best used on desktop placements;
Desktop (infeed)

Average CTR:


Average Engagement:


*Average result from served impressions between 1.01.2023 - 31.12.2023

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Technical specifications

Main assets tooltip

Front media (jpg, png, svg, gif, mp4, mov)
Top media (jpg, png, svg, gif, mp4, mov)
Back media (jpg, png, svg, gif, mp4, mov)
Bottom media (jpg, png, svg, gif, mp4, mov)

Dimensions for infeed and desktop tooltip

[ placement ] @ 2x
[ placement ] @ 2x
[ placement ] @ 2x
[ placement ] @ 2x

Dimensions for fullscreen tooltip

Optional assets tooltip

Background image (jpg, png, svg, gif, mp4, mov)
Video end card (jpg, png, svg)

up to [ placement ] @ 2x
up to [ placement ] @ 2x

Additional assets tooltip

Overlay CTA (jpg, png, svg)
Overlay Logo (jpg, png, svg)
4x Overlay Element (jpg, png, svg)

up to [ placement ] @ 2x
up to [ placement ] @ 2x
up to [ placement ] @ 2x

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You can adjust how your creative behaves, among other options:

  • Add animation to gesture icon tooltip
  • Adjust sensitivity of ad behavior tooltip
  • Auto animate before user interaction tooltip
  • Custom gesture icon tooltip
  • Enable gesture tooltip
  • Float cube vertically inside the placement tooltip
  • Repeat auto animation predefined number of times tooltip
  • Start with spin tooltip
  • Stop all animations after set number of seconds tooltip
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For this creative you have following analytics events to understand how users interact with the creative:

  • Ad is in view
  • Ad Loaded
  • Auto Page Seen [Page name]
  • CTR
  • CTR [asset name]
  • Page seen [Page name]
  • Unique [Hover]
  • Unique [Touch]
  • Video events tooltip
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  • Apple has disabled gyroscope access for Safari by default. In this case, creatives have swipe interaction. All ads work with gyro in Android, other browsers and apps.
  • Keep all important content, like logos and text, within the defined “safe area”, to ensure it appears correctly on all screen sizes.