Blinds Swipe

Blind swipe layout consists of up to 5 images generating a scroll movement by either swiping left or right. A gradient blinds effect is in use during the transition.

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Ad types tooltip

  • Infeed Infeed

Interactions: tooltip

  • Touch interaction Touch interaction

Extra Features: tooltip

  • Effects Effects
  • Countdown Widget Countdown Widget
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  • Turn 2 to 5 static ads into an interactive ad in minutes;
  • Very responsive to device movement;
  • Smooth, eye-catching animation;
  • Promote multiple products or offers in a single ad;
Mobile infeed

Average CTR:


Average Engagement:


* Average result from viewable impressions between 01.06.2020 – 31.12.2020

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Technical specifications

Main assets tooltip

2x images (jpg, png, svg)

Dimensions for infeed and desktop tooltip

[ placement ] @ 2x

Dimensions for fullscreen tooltip

Optional assets tooltip

3x images (jpg, png, svg)

[ placement ] @ 2x

Additional assets tooltip

Overlay CTA (jpg, png, svg)
Overlay Logo (jpg, png, svg)
4x Overlay Element (jpg, png, svg)

up to [ placement ] @ 2x
up to [ placement ] @ 2x
up to [ placement ] @ 2x


Be At Home

From Blinds swipe


From Blinds swipe


From Blinds swipe
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You can adjust how your creative behaves, among other options:

  • Add animation to gesture icon tooltip
  • Custom gesture icon tooltip
  • Enable gesture tooltip
  • Stop all animations after set number of seconds tooltip
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For this creative you have following analytics events to understand how users interact with the creative:

  • Ad is in view
  • Ad Loaded
  • CTR
  • CTR [asset name]
  • Page seen [Page name]
  • Unique [Touch]
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