Social To Display

Social to Display is a layout that allows user to import their Facebook post and turn it into a display ad. Data that is imported from the social ad consists of up to six image or video assets, profile image and page info such as page name, hashtags, likes and comments count. User can modify imported data by changing assets, editing texts and choosing their text color and size.



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Get demo link
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Ad types tooltip

  • Infeed

Interactions: tooltip

  • Drag interaction

Extra Features: tooltip

  • Effects
  • Countdown Widget
  • Video enabled
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  • Easily convert your social media posts into display ads;
  • Can be used to tell a story from page to page;
  • Great for displaying multiple offers in a single placement;

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Technical specifications

Main assets tooltip

First media (jpg, png, svg, mp4, mov)

Dimensions for infeed and desktop tooltip

up to [ placement ] @ 2x

Dimensions for fullscreen tooltip

Optional assets tooltip

5 x media (jpg, png, svg, mp4, mov)
Profile image (jpg, png, svg)
Page name ()
Hashtags ()
Likes ()
Comments ()

up to [ placement ] @ 2x
min 192x192
unlimited characters
unlimited characters
unlimited characters
unlimited characters

Additional assets tooltip

Overlay CTA (jpg, png, svg)
Overlay Logo (jpg, png, svg)

up to [ placement ] @ 2x
up to [ placement ] @ 2x

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You can adjust how your creative behaves, among other options:

  • Auto animate before user interaction tooltip
  • Custom gesture icon tooltip
  • Enable gesture tooltip
  • Navigation controls tooltip
  • Slide duration tooltip
  • Start with spin tooltip
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For this creative you have following analytics events to understand how users interact with the creative:

  • Ad is in view
  • Ad Loaded
  • Auto Page Seen [Page name]
  • CTR
  • CTR [asset name]
  • Navigation Left
  • Navigation Right
  • Scratched
  • Unique [Arrow]
  • Unique [Hover]
  • Unique [Touch]
  • Video events tooltip
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